441097-001 HP Pavilion tx1000 Series FF AMD Laptop Motherboard

The HP tx1000 tablet PC series was a huge success for the company and was second in all time sales right behind the pavilion notebook lineup?

Lately many HP tablet tx series owners are having issues with the computers GPU assembly which overheats due to a bad heatsink connection cause almost no thermal grease contact between the motherboard and video graphics processor.

To put it in easy terms, when this happens it basically causing your laptop motherboard to short circuit rendering your PC useless. The only fix is to buy and replace the whole motherboard itself with the updated/revised tablet PC system board which fixes the overheating problem.

Although this problem should of been looked into and fixed by HP much sooner than it actually was... HP does not cover this under warranty anymore now putting people in a predicament on if it's worth the cost to fix the motherboard or just purchase a new laptop.

I want everyone to know that you can buy and replace the faulty mainboard yourself with the updated HP spares PN: 441097-001 (REV. 31TT8MB0014) for approximately $150 through eBay for example. *If you call Hewlett-Packard up they will try to sell you the part for $469.95 and that doesn't include them installing it for you which is just outrageous and unacceptable in my eyes.

All you need to do is order the correct part number 441097-001 off of eBay which sell for about $150 like I mentioned before. There are so many guides and manuals online showing you step by step on how to remove your old motherboard and install the new one - the process is not very difficult at all, even for the novice user.

The details on the revised motherboard are stated by the manufacture as “HP tx1000 PC Board : System board (motherboard) for full-featured models - AMD dual-core processor supported, nVIDIA C51M chipset (Northbridge) which has the MCP51 Southbridge.”

The tx1000 series uses a socket S1 AMD CPU processor on the nVIDIA G6150 + NF430 mainboard. For anyone curious, GPU is built into the assembly itself making this replacement HP component run the nVIDIA G6150 video graphics as well.

HP Part # 441097-001 is used and compatible only with the HP Pavilion tx1000, tx1100, tx1200, tx1300 and tx1400 series. If you are unsure if your notebook has the older or newer model, you can call HP at 1800-HP-INVENT and give them the exact model of your laptop and they can verify the motherboard your current system has. This is also handy to make sure you require HP spares #: 441097-001 in the first place which will be the right number 95% of the time.

As always, I welcome your input and comments so please feel free contact me if you have any questions regarding this specific unit or any laptop motherboard problem in general. I would be more than happy to assist you the best I can to save you money while getting your laptop back up and running.

440768-001 HP Pavilion dv2000 dv2200 dv2300 dv2400 and Compaq Presario V3000 V3200 V3300 V3400 AMD Laptop Motherboard Replacement 447805-001

Here is some recent news I received on hp spares part #: 447805-001 has been upgraded to 440768-001 (I have confirmed this with hp directly) but they are identical to each in every way and just another way for hp Compaq to confuse buyers and make more money I believe from what I see.

In case you need a brush up lesson... 440768-001 was the "System board | computer motherboard | Without memory and supports only AMD processor (not included) models - For full-featured laptop PC's."

This hp part is only for Compaq Presario V3200, V3300, V3400 and HP Pavilion dv2200, dv2300, dv2400 notebooks.

Side Note: Both laptop motherboards all use the nVIDIA G6150 GPU integrated graphics with NF430 chipset. I know that the the hp laptop motherboard is extremely popular with computer motherboards and that the hp will soon stop producing 447805-001 fully.

This information will come in very handy if you happen to be a owner of this hp Compaq laptop and in need in a replacement laptop motherboard.

447983-001 HP Pavilion dv9000 dv9500 dv9600 dv9700 Intel Motherboard

The HP Pavilion dv9000, dv9500, dv9600, dv9700 notebook PC is a excellent machine but unfortunately you may come across a laptop motherboard issues throughout the computers lifespan. From experience I know how frustrating finding the right part for your exact laptop could be a never ending task!

No worries though because if you look below you will see I've listed the specific dv9000 models that use this replacement notebook part.

If you own a dv9000 series laptop currently using the Intel Core 2 Duo chipset, then you'll need hp part number 447983-001 which in detail is the"Intel PM965 System board - With nVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS 256MB dedicated video graphics memory - For use only with model with discrete video system memory".

447983-001 has the following ports which should be the same as your current laptop board: 2 x SATA HDD plugs, 2 x USB ports and 1 x 1394 firewire, HDMI, LAN, a media card reader and has web camera with TV-Out connections.

When buying the new part, I highly recommend finding which version 8600M video card it has. This is important because G86-771-A2 is the new revision to the older nVIDIA GeForce 8600M G86-770-A2 GPU.

***This particular hp dv9000 motherboard part number supports the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU processors ONLY.***

***Make sure your laptop says one of the following series to ensure you will have no problem ordering a wrong p/n: HP Pavilion dv9500 CTO, dv9600, dv9640us, dv9700 and the dv9700t CTO Entertainment Notebook PC's.***

Helpful Resources: Here are 3 very helpful links to the most popular HP dv9000 series HP Maintenance, Service and Repair Guides. They are FREE detailed documents which tell you basically everything about your laptop... even how to take the whole thing apart if needed.

All links to the laptop service repair guides are from HP.com and in PDF format (you can find a free PDF reader easily online by searching Google for free PDF reader).

Maintenance Service Manual For The HP Pavilion dv9000 and dv9200 series laptops.

Maintenance Service Manual For The HP Pavilion dv9500, dv9600, and dv9700 series notebooks.

How To Repair A HP Pavilion Dv9000 Laptop Motherboard.

MB.ABE02.001 Acer Aspire 3100 5100 5102 5104 5110 AMD Laptop Motherboard

You came to the right place if you are being thrown all over the place trying to find a replacement laptop motherboard for the Acer Aspire 3100 5100 5102 5104 5110 portable notebook PC.

First thing is you want to find one of the following acer part numbers listed below on your current systemboard. Take a look for ABE02.001 / MB.ABE02.001 / ABE02001 / HCW51 L02 / 416411BOL02 / MBABE02001 (yes, all these multiple P/N's are interchangeable and compatible).

I have posted some specific details about the Acer MB.ABE02.001 mainboard to use a a guide when replacing your broken motherboard. The information in the article below is more geared towards the BC51 / HCW51 model laptop system boards but works in such a tremendous amount of different computer models.

To start things off, you should absolutely note that the HCW51 replacement part number shares compatibility with Acer 3100, 5100, 5102, 5104, and 5110 series of machines.

It uses the AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-50 1.6GHz and higher or a Mobile AMD Sempron 3200+ CPU processor. You can install up to 4GB DDR2 of memory between 2 sockets and has a ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 3D integrated video graphics card letting you share up to 128MB of video memory.

Also this notebook system board has on board features which include a PCMCIA caddy, one USB port, a ethernet port, built in SD card reader, audio ports, ac adapter port and to top it off, a CMOS battery.

Complete Compatibility On This Notebook Board is (for laptops with model number MBABE02001): Acer Aspire 3100, 5100 and 5110 series laptops using a AMD processor is what this part fit's into. After doing some digging, I found the most popular of these that get a motherboard replacement has to be the Aspire 3100, 3102NWLMi, 5100, 5101AWLMi, 5102WLMi, 5110, 5112WLMi laptop models.

W0938 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 Intel Laptop Motherboard 0W0938

If your like most of us Dell laptop users having trouble finding the correct replacement motherboard for your Inspiron 5100 or 5150 series... I hoping I could make your life a whole lot easier and less confusing.

After removing your current motherboard you should see a sticker with the part #: W0938 or 0W0938 if you are using a Intel based processor. If you do not see this p/n on your system board then you definitely want to continue reading below.

A common problem with this specific part is depending on when you bought your notebook - it may be the early generation of the Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 computers which have one of the older model number stickers attached.

If this is the case, you will need to look on your old board for this dell secondary p/n which is BDW11 or LA-1682. They are the same laptop part but Dell updated it's identification code when selling the second generation of the 5100 5150 Inspiron series.

Dell mainboard part #: W0938 (sometimes it will have a zero in front of it like 0W0938 ) only supports Mobile Intel Pentium 4 3.06Ghz processors and features the Intel 852PM chipset. You will notice two SODIMM memory slots upgradeable to 2GB max.

Other notable features I found was a integrated sound card, speakers, 56k modem and ethernet port. On this notebook part you will find one PCMCIA slot, one mini-PCI slot, two USB 2.0 ports, one VGA out and one S-Video out port.

Here is the compatibility information per this specific mainboard:
Dell Inspiron 5100 and 5150 series notebook PC's. *(ONLY FOR THE INTEL PENTIUM 4 CPU MODELS).

Hopefully you were able to take information away from this allowing you to time the time and trouble of doing all the research.

453411-001 462535-001 HP Pavilion DV2600 Compaq Presario V3600 Motherboard

I was reading the mornings paper and a little article caught my eye about HP Compaq laptop computers! You don't usually see much at all about notebooks in the paper but to sum it up, basically it said the HP Pavilion dv2000 and Compaq Presario V3000 series model line-up sold 50% more than of all laptops to date.

It was ironic because that same day I ended up doing a repair on a customers dv2600us notebook PC. From experience I know that finding the correct laptop motherboard part number for these can be pretty tricky and become fustrating usually with the end result being main board 453411-001.

Speaking of the hp dv2000 series notebooks, I'm hoping to be more of a help than Hewlett Packard because all they tell you about this laptop motherboard is "System board (motherboard) - Include thermal material - For full-featured UMA model".

Just because I was just installing this part i'll tell you that it includes express card assembly 417112-001, uses a nVIDIA chipset, has one ethernet port, one firewire port, a USB port, the switch board, one TV out port and finally a CMOS Battery and is only for UMA models.

UPDATE: HP Part Number 453411-001 is no longer being used. The new part # for this laptop motherboard is spares number 462535-001 which is identical to the previous model systemboard.

Replacing a HP Pavilion dv9000 Laptop Motherboard In 9 Easy Steps

If your suspicious that the laptop motherboard in your HP dv9000 computer is faulty and your machine is not covered under warranty... the most beneficial way to go would be to replace the laptop system board repair yourself.

The beginning step is to buy a suitable replacement by getting the part number off your current laptop motherboard and ordering that identical part number from an online laptop parts store. HP laptop boards are very specific for each model in the dv9000 series, so it is crucial to find a identical part #. Once you have the part, follow these simple 9 steps below to replace the notebook motherboard.

*It is recommended that you only attempt this process if you have experience with laptop repairs.

1. Disconnect the laptop ac adapter and remove the battery to reduce the risk of shock.

2. Flip the laptop over to access the bottom of the machine. Remove all screws and panels from the bottom of the laptop. Carefully keep track of all screws and their locations.

3. Turn the dv9000 back over, open the lid, and carefully remove the keyboard and plastic power panel by gently prying them up. Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable by very, very lightly tugging on it. Remove the rest of the screws on the top of the laptop. Remove the small wireless card on the right side, as it holds some part of the body together.

4. Remove all connecters that connect to the motherboard, such as the display cable and optical drive connecter - those are the only ones that you should have to unplug at this stage.

5. Carefully lift the computer motherboard, and disconnect the two power cables connected to the bottom of the board.

6. Remove the CPU, fan, and memory from the notebook motherboard and install them on the new laptop logic board.

7. Connect the two power cables to the bottom of the mainboard, and slide the board into place. Replace all connectors to the board, reinstall the wireless card, and replace all screws to the top of the board. Replace the top plastic panels, replace the keyboard ribbon cable.

8. Flip the HP Pavilion dv9000 back over and replace all screws and panels, and replace the battery.

9. Plug the laptop into AC power and test it for functionality.

*While this is a semi difficult process, it should be possible for most who are pretty good in laptop repairs. Less experienced users would be advised to find a local professional repair shop to perform this procedure. You can also find companies online which will install a motherboard in your machine for cheap and they cover shipping both ways with a 24-hour turn around time.

443775-001 HP Pavilion dv6200 and Compaq Presario V6200 FF AMD Laptop Motherboard

Today was a busy day but I took my customer's notebook computer home (HP Compaq V6200 AMD Model to swap out and replace the laptop motherboard. Having already took it apart during the day so we already knew that HP part number 443775-001 was the exact laptop parts needed for this repair job.

443775-001 is sold under this description "System board (motherboard) - Supports AMD Turion 64 dual-core mobile processor - For full-featured Pavilion model". More information about the Intel CPU model of this motherboard is below.

You won't ever have trouble finding this exact part if required because on a recent survey... this particular hp part number comes in #2 on the list as the laptop motherboard that is replaced. Just some interesting fact for anyone who's ever asked themselves that question.

The Intel model of this motherboard has a very similar part no. so don't get them confused. Make sure your current motherboard has this EXACT SPECIFIC SPARES #: 443775-001 and that the one your buying is the same that came with your machine.

This laptop accessory is SPECIFICALLY made for the HP Pavilion dv6200, dv6300, dv6400 and Compaq Presario V6200 series notebook PC's. ONCE AGAIN, Please be aware that this laptop motherboard only works with AMD CPU processor's in the laptop models listed.

***If your looking for the same motherboard but in the Intel model, you'll want to be looking for HP Compaq 434722-001 spares part number which is the "System board (motherboard) without memory - Intel based mainboard - Full-featured (FF), nVIDIA G72M chipset".