Tips and Tricks

Understanding Laptop Motherboards and System Boards

Your laptop was configured to support a specific motherboard (system board). When something unfortunate happens and you need to replace your laptop motherboard, start out by searching for the same exact make, model and part number on you current notebook motherboard on the internet. For example: eBay, Amazon, Google etc… are excellent starting places to […]

Save Up To $419 on HP TouchSmart tx2z Series Laptops At HP Shopping

If your in the market for a new laptop computer, you should take a look at HP’s TouchSmart tx2z notebook series. Right now, at HP Shopping Online, you can save up to $419 instantly on most tx2z series laptops (Based on how you configure the machine). Here is the link for HP Shopping for this […]

A Few Quick Basic Tips And Guidelines For Anyone New To The Laptop Market

With all the laptop computer available today… sometimes it’s hard to know just what all these specification’s mean considering laptop’s are becoming more advanced by the day. These are just some basic guidelines to follow for anyone confused on the newer laptop chips and terms used now. A Intel or AMD processor running at 1.8GHz-2.0GHz […]

10 Important And Helpful Idea’s When Buying Your New Laptop Computer

Taking the time to review laptops when you need to go and buy a new one is time well spent and a hassle to some people, especially if you want to have the best laptop that covers all your needs. If you are going to buy a new laptop, I personally suggest you take into […]