444002-001 HP Pavilion dv9000 dv9100 dv9200 dv9300 dv9400 AMD Turion 64 Dual Core Laptop Motherboard

I know it's the 4th of July weekend and I should be relaxing but a good friend came to me with a problem. His HP Pavilion dv9000us would not turn on and I did owe him a favor. After going through my normal diagnostics, I found the notebook systemboard just had stopped working with no apparent reason.

Inside the laptop, the original hp replacement part number was 444002-001 which in detail is a "PC Board : System board (motherboard) - Supports AMD Turion 64 dual-core mobile processor". This motherboard only works with the AMD Turion 64 dual core models listed.

Part No. 444002-001 also is the replacement board for HP Pavilion dv9000, dv9100, dv9200, dv9300 and dv9400 AMD Turion 64 dual core Series Notebook PC's ONLY.

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  1. Welcome te Nvidia hell. these machines have been turning to bricks on a regular basis. It’s not just HP, but Dell, Apple, anyone who used the Nvidia chipset and GPU. I have three of them in my house and all of them went back under the extended warranty. I now have one die a second time and HP tells me I am on my own. There are millions of these defective chip out there. You can try HP, but it seems that they will do everything possible to avoid fixing them. Best recommendation is to avoid any Nvidia products.

  2. Sorry to hear about your problems and sometimes they leave you with no choice but to use the exact motherboard part number you currently have. Laptop motherboards and rarely part number interchangeable.

  3. HP has a factory recall on several of these laptops because the Nvidia chipset quits working, or corrupts the CMOS/BIOS. Take caution buying replacement motherboards, several vendors bought them from HP as excess stock and have the same issue. I suggest parting the laptop out and selling it, using the money toward a new one.

  4. Any idea if i could substitute this motherboard with the 432945-001?? They both look identical with the same mounts and peripherals. both spport AMD processors. Just not sure of the the socket type on the 432945-001.

  5. would probably have to install a vid chip heat sink as well??

  6. they are usually built into the board already.

  7. Hi, I have used this one
    Thank you

  8. I just got off the phone with Executive Case Management at HP and they are denying that they ever had a recall on this mother board. The funny part is that their tech support informed me this morning that the recall cutoff was 6/2009.

  9. Hi I actually work for HP and a senior Tech here in the USA, Here’s the thing when Nvidia made these chips they designed them wrong and they have a heat issue where they do not cool down correctly, warping the connectors. Not all models were affected and the ones that were HP added a service enhancement program to help out, as this is not HP’s fault we technically do not have to do this but are making Nvidia pay for all the repairs, However there is a stipulation in the suit that we only extend this one year from date of purchase on the computer. Therefore there is an expiration date which is based on your P/N and S/N combo. Once it is past that there is little we can do other than lower the cost of the repair which HP is paying for the part you don’t pay. I know as a consumer this sucks but this is not HP’s fault and any computer manufacturer that used this Nvidia chipset will have the same issue. Therefore saying “I will never buy another HP” is ridiculous and if that is the basis for that decision then don’t buy a Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Gateway, Sony, IBM, Asus, and so on and so forth. Before getting bent out of shape look at things realistically. A new MB is around $340 the shipping to and from is about $70 and the labor is about $65 which by the way you won’t get it that cheap at a local shop. So if you were to get a discounted repair down to say $159 stop your griping because you can’t buy a new system for that.

  10. Personally I currently use and owned many HP laptops and desktops which never gave me any problems. Everyone has a opinion but let’s not argue about which brands are better because I have been in the computer repair business for many many years and every brand of PC comes in with laptop motherboard problems. If your machine is under warranty hp should fix it free of charge because I have personally done this in the past for customer’s and they ship you a prepaid and sized box for your laptop, fix it and ship it back for free. If your out of the warranty period and know about installing the laptop motherboard, you could find one on eBay, Amazon etc… for $130-$150 I am guessing but you could find a good deal. Take care.


  12. The Dv 9000 is a great overall computer, but sucks that they die with out warning.
    I am looking for a good deal to replace the MB.

  13. Which dv9000 do you have exactly? Each one would be laptop motherboard part # specific

  14. I sure wish I found this thread -5 days ago and 8 hours later on the phone with HP. Anyone in any industry that passes the buck to say “It’s not our fault” is not a reputable company and does not stand by thier product, period. I have been a die hard customer of HP, but not any more. I’m going back to building my own. Good day.

  15. Hey just intorducing myself here. Nice forum and glad i could become a memeber!

  16. Mister Laptop Motherboard on December 11th, 2009 at 5:10 am

    welcome. glad to have you here.

  17. I dont have one, but i’ll never buy one!!!Go IBUYPOWER! btw… skyler is my bestfrined

  18. Mister Laptop Motherboard on February 4th, 2010 at 4:27 am

    Ok then???

  19. I own an HP DV9233CL computer. The other day the computer stopped working, symptom: Power & LED ON + Black screen. Went throught the trouble shooting tree on the HP web site and called HP service. The verdict: bad mother board. According to HP to replace the Mother including shipping will cost $398+TAX (total cost $421).
    I’m told by HP Service the Mother Board #434659-001.

    (1). Should I fix that computer or buy a DV4-2153cl (costco price $649). The obviouse advantage i3 vs dual core microprocessor, disadvantage price.

    (2). Is there another notebook mother board that will fit the DV9233 computer and have a better processor?

    (3). any advice based on your experience replacing mother board on DV9233 ?

  20. To the senior HP tech, my dv9205us is a casulty of Nvidea to HP to customer crap. All I know is I bought THE PROBLEM from HP, so HP owes me, NOT NVIDEA, and HP bought the problem from Nvidea, so Nvidea owes HP. How you two work it out, is not my problem. How you(HP) and I(customer) work it out is our problem. Your statement of “this is not our fault” is very unprofessional, and reminds me of childish statements” Johnny, why did you hit Susan,” “I didn’t, mom, billy pushed me into her, its his fault!” All I KNOW IS HP KNEW OF THIS A LONG TIME BEFORE MY WARRANTY EXPIRED, HAD ALL MY CONTACT INFO, AND NEVER ONCE CONTACTED ME WITH ANY KIND OF WARNING, RECALL, OR ANYTHING. A thousand bucks shot to hell and no computer, and yes, I’m one of those who says and will not buy another HP product, mainly because of HP’S silent secretive, sneaky way of thinking of keeping this problem low-key to keep their warranty costs down.

  21. I agree with bigh34. My HP Dv2845se went out 4 days ago. No screen, blue multimedia lights come on, but no hard drive action at all. Seems to be a common motherboard issue. This is HP’s problem and they refuse to do the responsible thing and FIX IT. Dealing with HP customer service is like facing a brick wall. If you have the same issue, I would recommend contacting their corporate office at 650-857-1501 and ask for a manager in the complaint department. Then try to argue your way to a resolution like I am. I too will never buy HP again.

  22. (dv9000) I agree with all of you who will never buy another HP computer. HP knew about the chip problem and deliberately failed to notify me, despite the fact that I was calling and writing to them on a monthly basis concerning my $1,500 built to order laptop. When they finally admitted that there was a known issue (notice conveniently not a recall, of which they reminded me the second time around) they did replace the motherboard. Initially I thought that was nice of them. I have since found out that they repaired it with the same defective motherboard. How fair is that! I expected it to be repaired without the defect. How naive of me. Now I have a $1,500 useless laptop.
    As far as I am concerned, HP never fixed the problem only delayed the inevitable result.
    You cannot defend HP on this issue. They knew the motherboard had a defective chip. They should have redesigned the board and then made the necessary repairs. HP owns the final product. No company I have ever done business with, shuns the responsibility of the final product. This was a conspiracy between NVIDEA and HP to make repairs, get off cheap, and leave the consumer to bear the brunt of their error.
    Although have purchased many HP computers and products for myself and my family, I will not give HP another dime. They were deceitful! They robbed me of money!
    I now own a couple of Acers and Gateways and I am very happy with their performance. In three years of ownership I have never had to call customer service. NOT ONCE!!!!!! And that is how a desktop or laptop should be!!! PROBLEM FREE!!!!!!!!!!

  23. SeniorCitizen72 on April 22nd, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    My HP DV900Z or as HP calls it DV9200, has been to HP twice in the 4 yos I have had it. I guess I lucked out in the fact that while under warranty it was “fixed” and continued to function. I moved on from Windows Vista to WINDOWS 7 Home Premium and it works well with my Linksys Router and all. My spouse can print from upstairs in the family room to the printer in the basement with the HP and has sufficient storage with two drives. I will just wait for it to “die” or burn out and get a new one. I called HP about a replacment motherboard, part #444002-001 and when they told me over $500, I said I could buy a new notebook for that. So getting one from another vendor for $159-200 is a gamble that I dont need to take at this time. Thanks for listening

  24. I just got off of the phone with HP support. They won’t even touch my 9000. Said that they don’t keep parts for them anymore. Screen went black. After reading Vinnf’s comment, I remembered downloading Nvidia a couple of days before it crapped out. Go figure.

  25. Bigh34 is right about HP not sending out any warnings about Nvidia, the broken hinge problem or anything about some faulty batteries. I lucked out and got one motherboard because of an extended warranty. Not so lucky when the second one (if that is what is wrong) is giving me a black screen at one year, almost to the day. I did like the computer when it worked. I didn’t like all of the people who can’t speak english. Especially when they tried to charge $60.00 to tell me to do a restore back to factory spects. The shop in town said he might be able to find a dv6000 MB for 200-250 dollars. If you don’t just luck out finding problems while looking through HP support pages, you won’t hear about problems from HP.



  28. Please…someone respond! I have a DV9005u that died re: the same problem. HP is no help. From my research, there are four motherboards that were put in this model. 2 intels and 2 AMD’s. will the Intel MOBO’s fit and/or do all 4have NVIDIA GPU’s. Mine will boot up about every 10 tries. Can I save it with heat sinks?


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