449902-001 HP Pavilion dv6500 dv6600 dv6700 AMD FF Laptop Systemboard

Shortly I need to do a laptop motherboard replacement on a clients pavilion dv6500 notebook. We found the correct needed systemboard before hand so I know part number 449902-001 will be used for this one.

When get you get the detailed specifications from HP you will find it's a "PC Board : System board (motherboard) for Pavilion dv6000 AMD series - Full-featured (DISCRETE) with integrated Realtek (RTL8211B) NIC".

449902-001 is the motherboard you need if you own any of these notebooks (AMD CPU MODELS ONLY):

HP Pavilion dv6500
GP354AS, GP623EAR, GP623EA, GP624EAR, GP624EA, GP625EAR, GP625EA, GP632EAR, GP632EA, GP635EAR, GP635EA, GP636EAR, GP636EA, GP637EAR, GP637EA, GP638EAR, GP638EA, GP639EAR, GP639EA, GP641EAR, GP641EA, GP646EAR, GP646EA, GQ199EAR, GQ199EA, GQ201EAR, GQ201EA, GQ202EAR, GQ202EA, GQ204EAR, GQ204EA, GQ206EAR, GQ206EA, GQ212EA, GQ214EA, GQ215EA, GQ216EAR, GQ216EA, GQ217EAR, GQ217EA, GQ218EAR, GQ218EA, GT371EAR, GT371EA, GT373EAR, GT373EA, GT377EAR, GT377EA, GT378EAR, GT378EA, GT381EAR, GT381EA, GT382EAR, GT382EA, GT386EAR, GT386EA, GT388EAR, GT388EA, GT389EA, GT390EA, GT392EAR, GT392EA, GT393EAR, GT393EA, GT397EAR, GT397EA, GT398EAR, GT398EA, GW772AV, RS040AV, RS085AV

HP Pavilion dv6600 GQ219EAR, GQ219EA, GQ220EAR, GQ220EA, GQ221EA, GQ224EAR, GQ224EA, GT402EAR, GT402EA, GT404EAR, GT404EA, GT405EA, GX929AS, GZ413PAR, GZ413PA, GZ414PAR, GZ414PA, GZ415PAR, GZ415PA, KA027EAR, KA027EA, KA029EAR, KA029EA, KA030EAR, KA030EA, KA031EAR, KA031EA, KA032EAR, KA032EA, KA035EAR, KA035EA, KA036EAR, KA036EA, KA037EAR, KA037EA, KA039EAR, KA039EA, KA040EAR, KA040EA, KA042EAR, KA042EA, KA049EAR, KA049EA, KA051EAR, KA051EA, KA053EAR, KA053EA, KA054EAR, KA054EA, KA055EAR, KA055EA, KA057EAR, KA057EA, KA058EAR, KA058EA, KA060EAR, KA060EA, KA061EAR, KA061EA, KA064EAR, KA064EA, KA071EAR, KA071EA, KB344EAR, KB344EA, KB346EAR, KB346EA, KB349EA, KB351EAR, KB351EA, KB352EAR, KB352EA, KB353EAR, KB353EA, KB355EAR, KB355EA, KB356EAR, KB356EA, KB357EA, KB358EA, KB361EAR, KB361EA, KB362EAR, KB362EA, KB365EAR, KB365EA, KB366EAR, KB366EA, KB367EAR, KB367EA, KB368EAR, KB368EA, KB370EA

HP Pavilion dv6700 KR346AAR, KR346AV

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  1. I have a problem with my 2-yr. old-barely used HP laptop. It will not start up when you press the Start switch. I called HP and Costco and they told me that it was probably a motherboard problem and my 2-yr warranty had expired.
    I’d like to get an idea of the cost of fixing it. Please let me know. Thank you.

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