461860-001 Compaq Presario F700 F750 and HP G6000 w/o ExpressCard AMD System Board

For anyone confused about the part numbers for the HP G6000 & Compaq F700 series motherboard - PN: 461860-001 is the same as 461861-001 except without the ExpressCard assembly unit. HP references this laptop motherboard as a "system board without ExpressCard assembly (includes replacement thermal material)".

The laptop systemboard's compatibility is still identical as it will work for the Compaq Presario F700 F750 Series and HP G6000 model laptop computers.

Notebook makers are constantly changing and updating the spares part #'s... why, I have no idea. From experience and following the market closely, it seems like a way to confuse customers into buying the laptop part from them direct at a ridiculously high price. I just came across a laptop motherboard that they discontinued the current pn and just changed it along with the price. When researching it, I found no difference and after having both in hand - they were identical in every way. I will do my best to keep everyone updated so no one falls into the trap of overpaying.

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  1. Will this work on a Presario F700 GR967UA labeled as Compaq F730US which has an AMD chip?
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  2. Can u sent me ur person I will show my laptop and also if u give ur shop address I will bring 2 show u

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  4. I have a Compaq F700 ….cant power up..lights jsut come on and off again..changed switch, battery, only to be told that the motherboard is done. Just before I destroy this machine..If I get another board , could anything else be wrong ?

  5. which board doesn`t have the express card 60 or61 ?

  6. And upgradeing to an AMD Turion TL 60 create aproblem ?

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