482276-001 HP 2133 Mini-Note With 1.2GHz VIA C7-M Processor Laptop Motherboard

HP earlier this week released more replacement part numbers for some of the other Mini-Note 2133 motherboards. The part #: is 482276-001 and it's information can be seen below.

This specific PN has the following specifications - "HP System board with processor - 1.2GHz VIA C7-M ultra low voltage processor (800MHz front side bus, 5W thermal design power) - Includes ExpressCard assembly, fan/heat sink, RTC battery, and replacement thermal material".

I personally own a HP Mini-Note 2133 with the 1.6GHz and think it's a solid unit and I am not worried about the motherboard failing anytime soon... cross my fingers lol.

HP Mini 2133 VIA Motherboard 482276-001
Sale Price: $9.85 on eBay.com

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  2. Saya pemakai laptop jenis HP 2133, 1.2GHz CM-7, tapi setelah saya pakai selama 1 tahun 4 bulan, MB nya rusak, bisakah saya dapat garansinya? Help me!!!!!!
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  3. Hi.I’ve narrowed it down to the CPU or orrhemboatd.The problem:the computer sometimes starts withouth post,sometimes with post.To get it to start with post i have to shake it.Once i get post it freezes,i have to shake it constantly to unfroze at the fist screen(press del to enter).I messed around with the mobo a bit and it worked flawlessly for 1,5 hours.Then the problem started again.I replaced the CPU and it worked flawlessly for a day and a half.I am stumped what do you suggest?

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