486542-001 HP Pavilion dv7 dv7z AMD Dual Core Motherboard

Anyone lucky enough to own a HP Pavilion dv7 series laptop knows how beautiful this machine is. What you may not know is the laptop motherboard part number in case something ever happens. I'm talking about 486542-001 and sometimes referred to as part #: 71CQ0132002.

HP show's these laptop motherboards to be "System board (Motherboard) - UMA architecture, supports AMD Turion 64 Dual-Core processor".

In addition to those details, this notebook systemboard included some extra goodies like two SATA HDD plugs, one USB port on board, one HDMI port, a expansion slot with card reader, web-cam capable and this part number used the AMD RX781NB/SB700 chipset.

I would also highly recommend that your computer currently has the 486542-001 inside because it does only work with HP Pavilion dv7, dv7-1000, dv7-1100, dv7z-1000, dv7z-1100 model AMD dual core laptop computers.

HELPFUL HINT: An easy way to do this is to turn your laptop over, remove the memory and the part number would be under there. Sometimes it is under the keyboard which you could find by unsnapping the notebook keyboard and reading the hp spares part number under it.

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  1. this is the only place that was able to confirm which motherboard was in my system. hp told me 1 thing, other sites told me others which were chinese and didn’t make sense (they will sell you a broken wrong part those chinese people if you buy).

    not only did i get the info needed – it was written by a human so i know it isn’t just a copied description like everyone else… you answered my e-mail and even took a picture to confirm the part. ON TOP of that, you do not even sell motherboards nor tried to get me to buy anything. i cant thank you enough for doing this when you get nothing out of it.

    happy 4th of july!

  2. The part number for your motherboard is underneath the ram in the DV7.
    You can assume that 486542-001 is correct, because I can see it under the memory.

    Glad there is finally a info page written by a human. I like how you make note of important details like “I would also highly recommend that your computer currently has the 486542-001 inside because it does only work with HP Pavilion dv7”.

    I will be back when I need more questions answered.

  3. Mister Laptop Motherboard on June 12th, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Hello Daniel, thank you for the kind words. The reason for creating this site was because I was tired of every site having the same generic information which was no help when trying to find what motherboard I needed. It is people like you that make me keep this site going.

  4. Is there any type of motherboard out there that i can use to replace this motherboard. I would like to be able to use a better and faster processor. Plus my processor is going bad i believe. I get the error code for CPU problem and im not going to send it to HP to fix it cause that price i believe is to much and i dont have the money. If not what about different type of processors i can put in that this motherboard will accept.

  5. The cpu is in a ZIF socket under the heat sink. Twist the screw o. The socket to release the cpu. You can replace it with a ZM-86. Even though all of the socket S1 cpu sockets have the same number of pins, there are different versions of Socket S1. The DV7-1135nr has a Socket S1g2 socket. My laptop had an AMD Turion X2 RM-70. It has a ZM-86 Turion Ultra now and runs much better. Mainly from the increased L2 cache rather than the 2.4GHz vs 2.0 speed of the old one.

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