Replacing a HP Pavilion dv9000 Laptop Motherboard In 9 Easy Steps

If your suspicious that the laptop motherboard in your HP dv9000 computer is faulty and your machine is not covered under warranty... the most beneficial way to go would be to replace the laptop system board repair yourself.

The beginning step is to buy a suitable replacement by getting the part number off your current laptop motherboard and ordering that identical part number from an online laptop parts store. HP laptop boards are very specific for each model in the dv9000 series, so it is crucial to find a identical part #. Once you have the part, follow these simple 9 steps below to replace the notebook motherboard.

*It is recommended that you only attempt this process if you have experience with laptop repairs.

1. Disconnect the laptop ac adapter and remove the battery to reduce the risk of shock.

2. Flip the laptop over to access the bottom of the machine. Remove all screws and panels from the bottom of the laptop. Carefully keep track of all screws and their locations.

3. Turn the dv9000 back over, open the lid, and carefully remove the keyboard and plastic power panel by gently prying them up. Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable by very, very lightly tugging on it. Remove the rest of the screws on the top of the laptop. Remove the small wireless card on the right side, as it holds some part of the body together.

4. Remove all connecters that connect to the motherboard, such as the display cable and optical drive connecter - those are the only ones that you should have to unplug at this stage.

5. Carefully lift the computer motherboard, and disconnect the two power cables connected to the bottom of the board.

6. Remove the CPU, fan, and memory from the notebook motherboard and install them on the new laptop logic board.

7. Connect the two power cables to the bottom of the mainboard, and slide the board into place. Replace all connectors to the board, reinstall the wireless card, and replace all screws to the top of the board. Replace the top plastic panels, replace the keyboard ribbon cable.

8. Flip the HP Pavilion dv9000 back over and replace all screws and panels, and replace the battery.

9. Plug the laptop into AC power and test it for functionality.

*While this is a semi difficult process, it should be possible for most who are pretty good in laptop repairs. Less experienced users would be advised to find a local professional repair shop to perform this procedure. You can also find companies online which will install a motherboard in your machine for cheap and they cover shipping both ways with a 24-hour turn around time.

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  1. Hi, all the work to replace the mb, beettr off getting another laptop. If you are really attached to yours, make sure it is the mb, not something else. Repair shop, they will charge you´╗┐ too much, more than what it cost to get a replacement laptop. Keep that in mind before you spend the $75 for them to look at it. You might consider buy the same model laptop, and put your old hard drive into it. For the disassembly, you are very confident everything will work after assembling .. too confident.

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