A Guide To Your USA Dedicated Server


A US dedicated server, also known as a Novell dedicated server, is a computer dedicated to a single user. These computers are managed by the provider and there is no provision of connectivity with other users. This is an alternative for large companies with numerous employees, and it is highly preferred to give them one computer to take care of their employees.

USA dedicated server

A Novell dedicated server comes with a shared access network, which offers up to 100mbit/s, higher than the TCP/IP networking, where you can choose between 100mbit and 1000mbit per second. The average speed varies according to the manufacturer, but it is well below the average. It provides no security to the user as far as network administration is concerned.

Unlike other providers, Novell servers come with a lot of features. The total number of employees can be limited according to the customer. All the data of the customer is stored in the Novell server and its server should be reliable and secure enough.

The server can be used by multiple users who have the same credentials. You can have individual licenses for different users.

There are many other companies who offer Novell servers, but these are few among the top rated ones. With the increase in competition, many other companies offer extremely competitive rates and services.

There are several websites where you can get information about the Novell server. They also give plenty of advice on how to choose the best Novell dedicated server for your company. A few tips that you need to remember to include the need to get a physical address, get a reseller license, or visit the provider’s website.

Before getting a physical address for the US dedicated server, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for the location. Some of the requirements may vary depending on the service you are going to get. For example, the SSL certificate may be required in some places.