Benefits of Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting


Hosting your Minecraft server on dedicated hardware provides improved performance, increased player capacity, and 24/7 uptime. There are several reliable Minecraft hosting providers offering industry-leading hardware at reasonable prices to make finding an optimal configuration easy for your community.

Consider both your budget and technical knowledge when selecting the ideal host provider. Consider multiple server locations to reduce latency and one that supports mods/plugins for enhanced gaming experiences.

Server Location

Your Minecraft server location is the cornerstone of its success; its performance determines its speed. As distance increases between you and the server, so will lag. A closer server means shorter travel time reducing both lag and stuttering for increased responsiveness in-game.

ScalaCube offers instant setup of Minecraft servers. This means that once purchased, they take care of both hardware and recurring hosting fees – perfect for beginners as this requires less technical expertise and reduces errors.

DreamHost offers VPS and dedicated servers capable of supporting large gaming communities, with both solutions featuring fully managed services with custom control panels offering useful tools and functionality, as well as DDoS protection. Furthermore, its data centers are located throughout North America – making this provider an excellent option for North American-based gaming communities.

Control Panel

Control panels allow server administrators to manage server settings, install plugins, and track performance of their servers. There are various control panels available such as cPanel and Plesk; additionally, some providers also provide custom solutions.

Choose a host with an exceptional support team is of utmost importance when selecting an online gaming host. Providers with ticket support systems and live chat representatives can quickly address issues effectively while timely assistance keeps players engaged and satisfied with their gaming experience.

MCProHosting stands out as an example of such a server with top-of-the-line performance, an intuitive control panel and superior support – including budget and premium packages with up to 48GB RAM available across multiple server versions with 24/7 technical support available to clients rated A by Better Business Bureau with TrustPilot reviews exceeding 1,000 reviews giving an impressive rating of 4.0 from over 1,000 reviews accumulated from these reviews alone. Furthermore, robust security measures including DDoS protection and firewalls make MCProHosting one of the premier Minecraft servers out there today.


Reliable Minecraft hosting providers offer robust infrastructures that ensure optimal performance and high player capacity, such as powerful hardware, global data centers, network redundancy, DDoS protection and resource optimization. In addition to automatic backups and flexible pricing plans, these providers also provide automatic backups.

CPU, memory, and storage space are the three cornerstones of any successful Minecraft server setup. Your server should match up with game requirements – typically 4GB RAM minimum is required to ensure smooth functioning. Additional RAM could help increase player numbers as well as enhance gameplay speed.

Shockbyte is an outstanding Minecraft host vendor with exceptional 24/7 customer support, offering knowledgeable staff and an expansive knowledge base to quickly help users resolve their issues and find solutions quickly. Furthermore, Shockbyte offers various plugins and mods designed to enhance gaming experiences; some examples include EssentialsX, WorldEdit, ClearLag and GriefPrevention which can easily be installed through its control panel and customized accordingly. Shockbyte also offers a 48-hour money back guarantee.


Dedicated Minecraft server hosting enables you to set up your own multiplayer gaming server and invite players. Though dedicated servers may cost more than shared or virtual private servers (VPS), they provide superior performance and scalability – and some providers even offer unlimited player slots!

A top hosting provider should offer secure servers with enough RAM and disk space, 24/7 customer service, backups and mod packs as well as multiple options for technical support such as ticketing or live chat support.

Staying secure when running a server means whitelisting players and monitoring resource consumption. Too much CPU, latency or ping can negatively impact gaming experiences for players and optimize server settings and prune resource-heavy plugins are the keys to mitigating such issues. Furthermore, make sure that its port is forwarded correctly on both your router and home computer so outsiders cannot gain entry and DDOS your home network.

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