Windows Dedicated Server Hosting


Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is an ideal solution for businesses requiring reliable, fast, and unmetered hosting services. Its unmetered access makes it ideal for high traffic websites.

OVHcloud takes care in setting up, monitoring, and updating Windows Servers – an invaluable service for businesses that don’t have the expertise or time required for such duties themselves.


As your website’s traffic grows beyond what can be handled by shared or VPS hosting solutions, upgrading to dedicated server hosting may become necessary in order to meet its demands and thrive online. With dedicated server hosting you have greater privacy, control, and scalability over how your site functions online.

A dedicated server can also help your business avoid security liabilities that could adversely impact it, including data leakage, denial-of-service attacks and unauthorised access to sensitive information. With features like two-factor authentication, firewalls and data encryption available through dedicated server providers like CloudGator. Dedicated servers tend to be more reliable than consumer grade hardware used by some cheap dedicated server providers.

Finding a suitable dedicated server hosting provider depends on your budget and technical team’s capabilities. Managed dedicated server hosting services can handle server setup, management and updates on their own. They may be more suitable for businesses that lack technical personnel who are capable of handling server operations, maintenance and any potential problem resolutions on their own.


As websites grow and demand more control and resources for themselves and their visitors, many business owners eventually require more control, resources, and privacy from their hosting solution. A dedicated server can be upgraded or scaled up at any time as business needs evolve – in addition to offering qualified customer support and security updates.

Hostkey offers Windows Dedicated Server Hosting that is robust and scalable, customizable plans with free domain registration for one year, performance upgrades and unlimited storage expansion. In addition, they provide 24/7 monitoring as well as free backups.

KnownHost offers several varieties of dedicated servers tailored to various budgets. Their configurable, budget, and Ryzen dedicated servers each offer distinctive features and performances; additionally they come equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee and great customer support services. Furthermore, KnownHost utilizes high-speed SSD servers, standard DDoS protection, as well as data centers nearby which reduce latency for improved website speed.


As businesses expand, they need more control, resources, and privacy – an advantage which Dedicated servers can provide while also offering advanced security for customer data protection and the best possible experience for all parties involved.

One of the key steps in protecting your server is keeping software updated. Make sure that patches and upgrades are installed as soon as they become available – outdated software could leave your server open to attacks, and expose confidential information. Set reminders for routine updates so as to stay on track with this crucial task.

Establishing an effective password policy is also paramount to protecting data and accounts. Strong passwords that combine random numbers and symbols with lowercase and uppercase letters should be enforced across user accounts, and credentials changed at regular intervals. Furthermore, to reduce brute force attacks it may be beneficial to rename administrator accounts in order to reduce chances of brute force attacks – but changing SSH ports may also be needed as hackers use scanning software to identify hosts where SSH ports haven’t been altered.


Dedicated server hosting provides one user with unrestricted access to an entire physical server, without sharing its resources with others. It’s perfect for sites with high traffic volumes or sensitive customer content that require unrestricted resources access without sharing with anyone else. Businesses typically start out on shared hosting solutions but, as their operations expand and require greater control, resources, and privacy as their business develops, dedicated servers quickly become indispensable.

Selecting the ideal dedicated server requires taking into account numerous considerations, including hardware specifications, managed or unmanaged options, scalability, network infrastructure, technical support services and costs. Furthermore, ensure the provider offers uptime guarantees which fit with your performance requirements.

CPU: Analyse the processor specifications, speed and architecture to assess its processing capability. RAM: Take into account your workload needs when selecting memory size for evaluation. Storage: Check to see whether your host offers traditional HDDs or faster SSDs; Bandwidth: Evaluate data transfer limits to make sure there are no slowdowns; determine whether there are unlimited or tiered plans with predefined transfer limits and transfer caps available from providers.

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