What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

what is dedicated server hosting

For robust server solutions with full control, dedicated servers provide the ideal solution. These powerful servers are ideal for sites dealing with heavy traffic volumes.

Dependent upon your industry, dedicated server hosting could assist in meeting regulations such as HIPAA in healthcare or PCI DSS for e-commerce websites. Furthermore, dedicated hosting provides many advantages including enhanced performance and security.

It’s Dedicated to You

Dedicated server hosting offers you access to an individual remote server that’s solely yours. Your hosting provider supplies hardware, an environment and technical support necessary for its proper functioning; but all configuration settings remain under your control.

With a dedicated server, your processing power and bandwidth won’t need to be shared between websites – making it ideal for websites experiencing traffic surges or anticipating an increase in visitor demand.

Physical dedicated servers also offer more uptime reliability. For example, when handling high traffic or storing sensitive user information, dedicated servers can be supported by redundant providers and high-powered bandwidth from multiple providers to help keep things running smoothly. In addition to offering you greater uptime reliability, physical dedicated servers allow for greater control over content management systems and applications such as CMSs or applications that might otherwise compromise uptime – something which ecommerce websites requiring extra protection can especially appreciate.

It’s More Secure

If you want to protect your data and website from hackers, dedicated hosting servers are an ideal solution. Unlike shared hosting plans, dedicated server hosting provides high security features to defend against spammers, phishers, DDoS attacks, malware and viruses.

Dedicated servers offer greater security because they don’t share resources among multiple websites, providing sites with high traffic a smooth user experience even during times of peak demand.

Dependent upon your hosting provider, you have two dedicated server options to consider: managed and unmanaged dedicated. Managed dedicated hosting will cover everything related to security for your site including software updates and other security protocols while unmanaged dedicated requires you to manage its maintenance yourself, which may prove challenging and require advanced technical knowledge. In case of hardware failure or outage you should also create a disaster recovery plan and invest more into server infrastructure and security measures.

It’s More Versatile

Dedicated servers offer greater hardware flexibility for running software on them, as well as superior performance compared to shared and virtualized solutions. All the resources on a dedicated server are completely at your disposal so you can host websites with high traffic levels or complex content with greater ease.

Google gives priority to sites that load quickly for users. Also, speedier loading pages have been proven to reduce bounce rate which has been proven to cause sales and revenue loss on ecommerce websites.

Scalability is one of the main draws of dedicated servers, as it allows you to add extra computing power as your site meets user and business demands. Installing new RAM, CPU cores and hard drives is straightforward and quickly done – helping prevent downtime and revenue loss that often accompany sites that do not respond quickly enough to user demand.

It’s More Affordable

Dedicated server hosting can be more cost-effective in the long run than shared hosting, offering greater performance, reliability and scalability at lower costs. By eliminating revenue-losing downtime events altogether, dedicated servers can save significant costs when it comes to storage and bandwidth costs.

Dedicate hosting also offers more security. Because your server will only host one tenant, there’s less risk that other users might hog all available bandwidth or install outdated applications that compromise its safety.

Dedicated servers are an ideal hosting solution for high-traffic websites, ecommerce stores and organizations that need enhanced security to protect sensitive customer data like credit card numbers. Their flexible features such as greater control, flexibility and customization options have quickly made them the premier hosting choice; with just a little research you’re sure to find one tailored to meet your business’s specific requirements.

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