Why Choose Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

Why Choose Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

virtual dedicated server hosting

Your business will gain from choosing virtual dedicated server hosting to take advantage of improved performance and increased security, plus having its own unique IP address – essential for large e-commerce businesses that process credit cards.

Selecting a virtual dedicated server that is the appropriate fit for your company’s growth and profitability is critical to its growth and expansion. When making this important decision, keep these factors in mind to help make the right choice:


Virtual dedicated server hosting solutions provide businesses that are expanding and require more resources than can be provided through shared hosting, along with additional security benefits that include being isolated from each other to prevent one malicious app from taking down the entire system.

Sharing is often less expensive and VPS provides more control, so dedicated hosting may be best suited to higher traffic websites or resource-intensive apps.

Dedicated servers are the most expensive form of web hosting. Offering maximum isolation, security and performance levels they are recommended for high traffic websites or resource intensive applications that demand their full resources. In contrast to shared and VPS hosting they have access to all hardware resources on the physical server and can be configured specifically according to individual hardware needs – something not possible with shared or VPS hosting; their flexibility allowing them to adjust quickly as demand changes.


Scalability is of utmost importance in hosting businesses, enabling them to expand without incurring service outages or upsetting customers. A sudden surge of traffic from an advertising campaign or viral post can quickly overpower servers that lack sufficient scalability, leading to website downtime, lost revenue, and damaged customer trust – particularly important considerations in highly regulated industries.

Virtual dedicated servers offer an effective solution to these challenges, with the power, dependability, security and control of a dedicated server at an economical price. Perfect for growing web apps and e-commerce sites alike. Fully customizable with cPanel control panel included and can accommodate a range of applications.

Horizontal scaling is one of the best strategies for expanding a network, increasing capacity by spreading workload among more servers. Furthermore, it reduces disruption caused by server failure by spreading it over more machines – providing less of an impactful “blast radius” impact to customers when one goes down.


As a business owner, you are regularly worried about protecting the privacy of your customers’ data. From processing payments online or storing customer records to protecting servers against hackers – dedicated server hosting offers top-of-the-line security features to help safeguard that data.

A dedicated server allows you to add hardware firewalls and other security measures not available through shared environments like VPS hosting. These devices offer improved traffic scrutiny while helping protect against unauthorized access.

Dedicated servers also include a Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) system to ensure all inbound and outbound traffic conforms to established policies, helping prevent unauthorized access and mitigating the effects of malware attacks. Tools like Fluentd and Prometheus monitor log data to detect anomalies; additionally they offer visualization dashboards which alert you in real-time should any critical issues arise, giving you time to act swiftly before any damage can occur.


VPS hosting allows users to customize both the hardware and software configuration of their server. Furthermore, RAM and storage options can be chosen at will to quickly scale with growing workloads; however, these capabilities are ultimately determined by physical server specifications.

VPS servers can be an ideal option for individuals and businesses that have outgrown shared hosting options, offering flexibility and customization at a lower cost than dedicated servers. However, before upgrading to one it is essential that your needs and priorities are assessed before taking the leap.

If you’re thinking about VPS hosting, it is worthwhile to assess your existing hosting environment to identify any performance issues that are impacting it. Sometimes these issues can be solved through optimising the website or content delivery network use; otherwise you may require upgrading to a VPS with more resources; otherwise dedicated servers provide the best combination of performance and security – perfect for high traffic sites that prioritize security and scalability.

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